What are the best free Antivirus ?

Even if free antivirus software only offers basic protection, it is not necessarily a bad choice! For personal computer users, installing free antivirus software remains a good security solution.

Many websites offer you to download a free antivirus, but you will receive countless intrusive advertising messages and pop-ups that will block your browser, and you’ll only get a 30-day limited trial version.

However, there are trusted free protection software out there. Choosing the right one requires experience and good knowledge.

Avast free antivirus


It is the best free antivirus program for PC, as well as for Mac, and the most popular for Windows users. It is completely free for non-commercial use. Avast also provides all the necessary protection tools.

It includes several protective shields :

  • Analysis at start-up
  • An extension to check the reliability of websites
  • Protection against scripts and malware
  • Real-time file and email protection
  • protection against ransomware

Protection is cloud based and it has a great user interface.

For all these reasons, it deserves its place on our list at the top of the ranking.

download Avast free antivirus

Avira free antivirus


It is still considered one of the best programs among free antiviruses, especially for Windows 8.

Designed for personal computers, it also protects smartphones and tablets. Users installing the free version of Avira benefit from full real-time virus and spyware protection, as well as other high-value tools to help secure their computers:

  • Protection against spyware.
  • Detection of phishing and malware.
  • Monitoring and protection of internet browsing and scanning in the Cloud in real time.
  • Detection and removal of macro viruses.

Download Avira free antivirus

AVG free antivirus


AVG antivirus  was selected as “editorial choice” by PC Magazine in the “free antivirus” category.

AV-Test (anti-virus testing organization) uses three criteria to evaluate software, including anti-malware protection which is considered essential. In this test, AVG detected and blocked one hundred percent of the malware samples.

Regarding protection, AVG free antivirus offers an antivirus and an extension to secure searches with the most used web browsers. The AVG interface displays all the features of the Pro version, as well as the status of your computer.

The AVG main page has five large icons representing the five software features, but the free version only provides basic protection.

Download AVG free antivirus 2019

Panda free antivirus


Panda is a free, effective and innovative antivirus. He uses the new cloud technique to update his database, when connected to the internet. It provides very effective protection against phishing with impressive virus detection success.

Its main panel showing you the security status of your computer includes many statistics (scanned files, blocked threats, files in quarantine, etc.). Other panels also allow you to start the analysis, deploy protection to other devices, see active processes and protection of USB devices.

In addition to protecting malware and blocking URLs, the Panda Monitor keeps track of running processes and the URLs it accesses. It lists them and assesses their level of risk according to their behavior and possibly blocks them.

Download Panda free Antivirus

Qihoo 360 Total Security free


Qihoo is a Chinese internet security company providing two products under the 360 ​​brand: “total security” and “total essential security.” Both versions are free.

Qihoo’s antivirus solution has been certified by ICSA Labs for virus detection, and has obtained VB100 certification in nine of the last ten tests performed by Virus Bulletin. In the latest AV-test report, Qihoo was among the first three products to score the perfect 18 points.

The main advantages of Qihoo 360 antivirus:

  • Blocking access to fraudulent URLs, or hosting malware
  • Ban on webcam access
  • Detection and blocking of Keyloggers
  • Scanning of downloaded files and protection of online purchases.
  • Monitoring USB storage devices
  • Protecting system files and the registry
  • Optimizing network performance

Download Qihoo 360 Total Security

Comodo Free Antivirus


Unlike most free antivirus software, Comodo antivirus comes with features similar to the pro version (except the firewall).

Which is not negligible! The pack includes an antivirus scanner, quarantine, a task manager. Like Panda Cloud, cloud-based scanning provides you with a list of infected files in real time. It offers a full range of protection through a virus, rootkit, spyware and other malware detection engine, etc.

Comodo Antivirus performs a system scan to detect all of the dangerous threats it sends in quarantine before removing them permanently.

Download comodo free antivirus

AdAware antivirus


AdAware free antivirus remains a very interesting solution. The antivirus offers an impressive array of protection tools:

  • The rootkit
  • Antispyware / Adware
  • Antivirus protection
  • Automatic updates
  • Real-time protection
  • Internet protection
  • Safe browsing

All these options are accessible via its simple, easy and user-friendly interface. It is perfect for beginners who will appreciate its coherent and simple design and has a wide variety of features that can be easily selected using clear icons.

The software obtained a very good result in the detection test carried out by AV-Comparatives by gaining the best score, the Advanced +,.

Download Ad-Aware free antivirus

BitDefender free Antivirus


Much more than protection against viruses, it is a whole range of security solutions for mobiles, servers or virtualized environments that this company offers to its customers.

BitDefender is one of the best free antivirus of the moment. With many features and could not be more useful, this software has the distinction of being very precise and generally reliable.

Bitdefender has a powerful firewall, a multi-layer anti-ransom function and a very effective blocker of spyware, Trojans and other threats. Some features, however, remain too basic in the free version.

An analysis can be done simply by right-clicking on any file. You can also schedule your virus scans if you want to do virus scans regularly and automatically.

A spam filter is available as well as a secure browser that allows you to make your payments online without much fear.

Download BiDdefender free antivirus


Now it’s up to you to choose your free antivirus depending on the level of protection you are looking for.

Also think about the possibility of turning to a paid version of anti virus software: the prices are quite attractive, the protection capabilities are much more advanced, the commercial or technical support is much better

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