What are the best Linux distributions ?

Linux is a very open system, allowing anyone to inspect and modify its code. That’s why there are dozens of distros on the net, some geared towards productivity, others towards development and even gaming. Everyone can find their account there.

In order to help you get off to a good start, we have selected the most popular Linux distributions that we consider to be a good starting point for migrating from Windows or MacOS.

The list is not exhaustive, so we invite you to tell us in the comments which Linux distribution system you prefer.

Best Linux distribution


Debian best Linux distribution

One of the oldest and most popular distributions. A great classic to start with, this one has a large number of packages and many derivative versions have been created from Debian, including the most famous which is Ubuntu.

Debian is a sure source of stability, it has a lot of software and a huge community. It is a mother distribution, so it is the basis for many others. Debian has nevertheless become user-friendly, even if the installation remains complex.

It definitely deserves its place in the best of Linux distributions.


Ubuntu best Linux distribution

Ubuntu is a Debian suite. This distro is arguably the most famous and naturally is one of the best Linux distributions. The majority of newcomers to Linux start with this distribution, especially for its simplicity. It also has agreements with hardware and software suppliers. On the other hand, the most ardent Linux users only moderately appreciate this distribution. This nevertheless represents more than 50% of the Linux market.

Launched in 2004, this system is ideal for a smooth start to your entry into the world of GNU / Linux. Everything is done to simplify the task of users, from installation to daily use. If the Gnome Shell environment is offered as a base, many derivative distributions offer other experiences such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu or Ubuntu Studio.


Mint best Linux distribution

Based on the Ubutnu distribution, LinuxMint has a well-designed and easy-to-access interface. Mint is in full development and its use is increasing. You will also be able to make a lot of customizations to Mint.

Success came with the creation in 2011 of Cinnamon, an attractive and easy-to-use desktop environment developed exclusively for Mint. This alternative to Gnome Shell quickly won over enthusiasts. For the rest, Linux Mint benefits from an Ubuntu base ensuring reliability and stability, as well as access to many free software.


Fedora best Linux distribution

This is the sequel to RedHat as the company behind RedHat has continued to grow, but in commercial ways. Fans of the free version have therefore come together under Fedora. It is known to be more difficult to access and for several releases it has emphasized security through various encryption.

Using the Gnome desktop environment, Fedora offers users several versions dedicated to various uses: productivity, creation of servers, development … Everyone can therefore find something to suit their needs. In all cases, the most recent software and developments in the Linux world will be highlighted, all in an environment that is easy to use.


Arch Linux best Linux distribution

Arch Linux is a free distribution that aims to be fast and light, it is built around the “KISS” or “Keep It Simple, Stupid” philosophy. It should be understood in the sense of “Keep it simple”.

It is intended for “advanced” Linux users & even if you are not advanced I recommend installing it, it is a perfect learning exercise.

Another particularity is that this software is in “Rolling Release“, that is to say that it is in constant development and that it evolves very often. It does not have a major version like in Ubuntu. This system has advantages and disadvantages, you will be using the latest versions of packages for example, which is a good thing, but you will also be the first to encounter bugs or incompatibilities.

Finally, the community around this system is huge as is the wiki & forum which is a kind of bible for Linux users.

How To Choose The Best Linux Distribution ?

All of these Linux distributions have their audiences, and after a certain level of experience in using them, the user will have formed his own opinion, so any advice will be useless.

We invite you to tell us in the comments below which is your favorite distribution and how you got your foot in the Linux world!

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  1. I had started Linux by testing various distributions, The one I kept at the time was Mandrake… I liked Suse, Gentoo was impossible to install. The worst distro was Ubuntu! It gave me unusable workstations: I couldn’t use the hard drives, nor the internet from the Live versions.
    The best distro in Use is still Mageia!

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