How to choose a Gaming PC ?

Having trouble choosing your gaming PC ? It is not easy to make a choice with the many models of computers on the market to play video games comfortably and smoothly. But do not panic ! So I have prepared a detailed guide for you that will help you in your quest for the ideal gaming computer that will combine performance and respect your budget.

PC Gamer - How to choose ?

What is A Gamer PC ?

Video games have evolved a lot and continue to do so. The players are therefore in a constant need for performance. A machine capable of meeting their expectations, especially since technology is evolving quickly and the latest fashionable games are very greedy in machine resources.

Gaming PC  is a computer specially designed for video games. One of its many and greatest advantages therefore is the level of performance provided. In other words, this type of machine is capable of supporting very advanced video games.

The difference between a gamer and a traditional user is then at the level of their respective expectations. On the one hand, the player wants above all to benefit from a fluid graphic rendering and good playability without jerking. He would also like to be able to avoid overheating his machine as much as possible during prolonged gaming sessions because it could affect the performance of the PC or even cause it to crash. On the other hand, the traditional user tends to be content with standard IT performance and oriented towards everyday office applications (web browsing, use of an office suite like Office or one of its free alternatives).

The main purpose of a gaming PC is to play games without bugs, slowdowns or even poor display quality. In short, this is a machine designed to provide an extraordinary gaming experience.

The different types of Gaming computers

There are two types of video game computers: laptops and desktops. What is the difference between these two models?

The advantages of a gaming laptop


The main advantage of a portable gaming computer that I can point out is especially its compact and light character. This is indeed a big advantage if you frequently travel outside your home to play. As a gamer, you certainly only feel comfortable on your own gaming machine. This will make it easier for you to go everywhere with a portable model.

In addition, this model is therefore very compact and easy to store. A table corner or even your knees can be more than enough support for playing. And if you need your desk to do something else, you can easily find another place for your machine.

The advantages of a gaming desktop PC


Desktop gaming PCs, on the other hand, are much larger and therefore occupy more space, but this is nonetheless an undeniable advantage. This allows the internal components to have enough space to function optimally.

Gaming computers are much more prone to overheating due to the more intensive use of their processor and graphics card. To avoid inconvenience, it is necessary to use a more efficient, and therefore larger, cooling system.

In addition, it should be noted that a fixed PC for gamers is also advantageous, because of its evolutionary nature. This is ideal for future optimization of the power of your machine by changing certain components. Similarly, it is also possible to add new elements that can boost performance and quality of play.

On the other hand, if the size criterion still demotivates you, know that things have changed a lot today. New technologies have made it possible for desktop gaming PCs to have smaller and smaller formats. This therefore makes it possible to limit the overall dimensions as much as possible.

Gamer Laptop or desktop computer: which to choose ?

This is one of the biggest dilemmas that buyers often face when making a choice. But, the decision to choose one or the other ultimately depends on the player’s expectations, ambitions and budget.

Power or mobility ?

If you want to be able to change your original configuration, the gaming PC offers you multiple possibilities. As for the gaming laptop, its compactness prevents or limits the possibilities of adding new components.

With the desktop model, you will be able to adapt your computer to technological developments with simple small changes. This is not always possible with the nomadic model which may find itself obsolete after a few years. In this case, you will have to change the machine completely in order to follow the trend.

In addition, it should be remembered that in most cases, desktop gaming PCs offer more power than portable versions. This does not mean that the latter do not offer a pleasant gaming experience.

What type of gamer are you ?

So, in terms of the model to choose, I would say that a fixed gaming PC will be better suited to a passionate and assiduous gamer. This is especially the case if you wishes to have the latest configurations when they are available. For the portable gaming PC, I would recommend it to casual players who would not be bothered by any obsolescence of their equipment.

The components of a better gaming PC

A number of components are essential to the operation of a video game computer (whether it is online gaming or not). The secret to finding a good model is to take these different elements into account when making your choice.

The graphics card

The graphics card is essential for the calculation and for displaying the image on the screen of a PC. Thus, the higher its power, the more the visual rendering is good and pleasant for the player. The choice of your play equipment must therefore be made according to the level of quality desired on the display.

By relying on their nomenclature, it can be quite simple to know which graphics card is more powerful than the other. Generally, manufacturers use a series of numbers associated with one or more letters to classify their product. And most often, the higher numbers denote more powerful models. The biggest brands to shine in this universe are among others AMD, NVIDIA or even, to a lesser degree, Intel.

In addition, the video memory of the graphics card is also a parameter to take into account when choosing a good gaming PC. Of course, its size will greatly affect the quality of the images displayed. For example, to support visual standards such as 4K and WQHD, a large video memory (several GB) will be necessary.


The screen

For your games to display correctly, your gaming computer screen should also be chosen with care. At this level, you should know that the resolution must be proportional to the size of the screen, for a balanced rendering.

In general, it should be remembered that for a 22 inch screen format, the most suitable definition will be 1680 x 1050 pixels. For a size between 24 and 27 inches, the most popular resolution today is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Furthermore, for larger screens (between 29 and 34 inches), the ideal would be 2560 x 1080 or 3440 x 1440 pixels.

The other equally important criteria to take into account are: the refresh rate, the response time of the screen and the technology of the screen (OLED, TN, IPS, VA etc …).


The processor

The processor is the backbone of your desktop or laptop gaming PC. It acts at the same time as the heart and the brain of the machine. Its importance for data processing is undeniable, whether for conventional use, for managing audio or video files, or even for playing. Therefore, the speed of your machine will depend on the power of its processor.

The ideal choice will depend on a number of details such as the number of cores, the type and the speed (denoted in GHz) of the processor. As an example, I can give you the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 models. The difference between these two processors is that the first has two cores, while the second offers four. Logically, the Intel Core i7 will be faster and more efficient than the Intel Core i5. Basically, the more hearts you have, the more concurrent computing power you have and the better your PC will be.


RAM memory

The RAM associates with the processor to ensure a good operating speed for your gaming PC. The RAM capacities built into gaming computers generally vary between 8 and 32 GB. What must be kept in mind is that the fluidity and the quality of operation increase at the same time as the size of the RAM . The more RAM you have, the better it will be to play!

In addition, it should be noted that there are two categories of RAM currently on the market, namely DDR3 and DDR4. To make your choice, I recommend that you take into account the fact that DDR3 RAM has already been a standard for a very long time. As for DDR4 RAM, it is not yet the standard, but it nevertheless offers more power and speed.



Whether it’s a portable or desktop model, it’s important that your gaming computer has the right amount of storage space. This will allow you to store not only your favorite video games, but also your media files.

You will have the choice between the classic hard drive and the SSD, which are the two main types of storage offered on the market. And for both, speed is important for fast data transmission. Choose an SSD hard drive, certainly more expensive, but much faster in reading and writing, which will make you increase the performance of your computer! Choosing this type of hard drive will allow you to speed up Windows at startup and have a much more responsive PC!


The sound

The sound favors the immersion of the player in the universe of his video game. Good sound quality is useful for playing well, since it allows you to not miss any detail of the sound effects.

Generally, the native sound performance is more than enough to enjoy a good gaming experience. However, it may be necessary to add a sound card to refine the final rendering.

Connections (mouse / keyboard / headphones)

A gaming PC may have all the features mentioned above, its use will not be more interesting without the ideal connection. At this level, the machine must have multiple USB ports. This is an important detail, especially since there are several peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headphones, controller, etc.) to be connected in order to be able to play correctly.

It is also crucial to check the proposed video outputs. At this level, an HDMI output would be welcome as long as you want to be able to play on a television. This could also be useful for connecting your gaming computer to a projector or other terminal. Among other things, you may need a DispayPort, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports, or a DVI port.

In addition, do not forget to make the choice of ergonomics when you go to choose your gaming headset, your mouse and keyboard. Take into account the space you have to install all your play equipment.

What budget should you provide to buy a performing gaming PC ?

The budget question takes into account several factors:

  • The amount you are ready to invest in acquiring your gaming PC;
  • The type of computer (laptop or desktop) you are looking for;
  • In the case of a gaming PC, will it be a model to assemble from scratch or to buy in store?

In any case, know that you will need to plan between 1000 and 5000 $ for a mid-range desktop gaming PC. Note that the price can go beyond 5000 $ for the upper range. In the category of portable models, count between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 for the medium and high-end segment.

Another significant factor to take into account when defining your budget is the technological evolution in the field of video games. This is something to consider, given that prices tend to drop with new releases. In other words, a PC Gamer that cost you around $ 5,000 today, for example, can come back half the price a few months later.


To play your favorite video games while enjoying all the experience that comes with it, a specially designed gaming computer is ideal. You thus benefit from all the power necessary to run the most recent games and the most greedy in machine resources. In addition, you can access most of the games offered on the various consoles thanks to an emulator. When it comes to choosing a fixed or portable gaming PC, it all depends on your expectations. The criteria to evaluate are, among other things, scalability, the degree of congestion and your playing habits.


  1. it’s all a question of budget and needs when purchasing a PC.
    Gaming in the cloud (Shadow or Google Stadia) is clearly the future of gaming because it eliminates the need for a large investment in the purchase of computer hardware, while having performance and technological scalability. The problem is that you need a super fast connection (Fiber)

  2. Thank you for this article, I want to offer a new PC to my son but the choice is difficult. He is an avid gamer so he needs a powerful computer. I also hesitate to rent rather than buy the computer, I think it’s more profitable.

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