Free alternatives to Word and Excel (Microsoft Office suits)

The Microsoft Office suite includes a word processor (Word), a spreadsheet (Excel), presentation software (PowerPoint) and a database manager (Access).

The reputation of this suite, which has been developed since the late 1980s, is undeniable and it is the most widely used office automation solution in the world.

The problem for the majority is elsewhere: the cost of the Microsoft Office suite.

Indeed, the Microsoft Office suite is proprietary software, so the user must have a paid license to use the Office suite.

The cost of these licenses being quite expensive, I am regularly asked about free alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite, so here are the 3 best alternative solutions to the Microsoft Office suite.

This guide explores the best options for word processing and spreadsheet software. Discover feature-rich programs that are compatible with Word and Excel files, including Google Docs, LibreOffice, and OnlyOffice. Save money on expensive software and enjoy the same level of functionality with these free alternatives. Streamline your work and increase productivity without breaking the bank.


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LibreOffice is a free and open office suite which is a serious alternative to the Microsoft Office suite.

It is therefore not surprising that LibreOffice has the same functions as its big brother (Microsoft Word, Excel, power-point,..) and many additional modules available for free.

LibreOffice has a very active community, is currently experiencing real development and is gaining visibility.

The day I tried it I liked it! Some welcome contributions compared to other alternatives and especially a constant development and an active community. For me, this is clearly the best alternative to the Office suite!

Google Docs


Unlike LibreOffice which is an office suites that install directly on your computer, Google Docs does not require any installation and is used via its web browser, which can be very useful for mobile use.

Google Docs is able to manage documents in text format (like Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (spreadsheet via Google Sheets, equivalent to Microsoft Excel), presentations (Google Slides, equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint) and even allows you to create online forms to collect and analyze data (survey, questionnaire, satisfaction survey, etc.).

Note that you need a Google account to use the Google Docs service for free.

The documents created are stored on Google Drive but can of course be downloaded to your computer.

It is also possible to work in a group on the documents, which can prove very practical for students or in the professional environment.



ONLYOFFICE is a very complete online office suite which of course has the basic tools for creating and managing documents: word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool which are compatible with the most popular document formats. It has sharing and co-editing tools that are particularly practical when you work together on the same text document or spreadsheet.

ONLYOFFICE also offers advanced solutions for businesses in SaaS mode and integration tools for developers (such as APIs).

The Personal version for individuals ( is accessible online via the browser. Note that there is also a free open source version (whose code is on GitHub) which is to be deployed on its own servers.

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