How to automatically update software on Windows ?

Up-to-date software make your system more stable and more safe, because the latest version of software fixes security vulnerabilities and bugs found in previous versions of the software.

Unfortunately, updating software on Windows can be a real bored task ! Indeed, you must manually run the update system for each software to be able to update all of the software installed on the system. And even worse, some software does not have an update system, which means that you have to go to the editor’s website, find out if an update is available, download the software then install it !

Fortunately, there are tools to help us update our software more easily on Windows: they can scan all installed software, check if updates are available, and directly offer the download of the latest version of obsolete software. !

Let’s see how to update all your software with the following tools : Chocolatey and Software Informer.

Method 1: with Chocolatey

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows.

What is a package manager ?

It is a tool that automates the process of installing, uninstalling and updating software installed on an operating system. With very simple commands, you can install software very quickly (without having to search for the installer on the editor’s website) or even update all the software installed on it at once!

To install several software at the same time, just enter the following command :

choco install gimp libreoffice thunderbird (installs GIMP, LibreOffice and Thunderbird).


To update all your software, it’s just as simple: choco upgrade all.


Chocolatey is really a must for Windows. It allows you to install software, uninstall it and update it with disconcerting ease!

Method 2: with Software Informer

Software Informer is a software that comes in the form of an application store. All the Win32 applications that you are used to using on Windows are present in its catalog: Firefox, Skype, Spotify, LibreOffice… Software Informer periodically checks if your software is up to date and alerts you as soon as updates are available .

If you are used to using the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you will not be disoriented!

The Software Informer window displays two tabs:

  • Discover: presents the good software plans, recommended software and the most downloaded software.
  • Apps: Displays all software installed on the system and allows you to search for new software.
  • Good point: unlike Chocolatey, Software Informer automatically detects all the software that you have already installed on your system.

To install software, it’s very simple: in the Apps tab, simply enter the name of the software you want to install, for example “firefox”. Software Informer then displays all the software related to the keyword you entered.


Click on the Download button and then another Install will launch the software installer.

You no longer have to worry about software updates: Software Informer now runs in the background and will alert you if updates are available

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