How to clear your browser’s cache ?

How to clear browser's cache

What is the browser cache ?

The cache of an internet browser is a process of storage by the browser of elements composing a web page (html text, images, javascripts scripts etc.) which are kept in memory in order to avoid reloading them each time they are displayed / used.

The purpose of this operation is to display web pages more quickly using the cache memory and to avoid using bandwidth (internet connection) and the resources of the server where they are stored.

So, basically, the browser keeps web pages (and what makes them up) in cache so that they can be displayed faster when you visit them again.

Why do you need to clear browser cache ?

There are many reasons for clearing the cache:

  • Erase the traces left by your navigation and guarantee your confidentiality (deletion of the history of the browser and its temporary files)
  • Correct certain malfunctions or anomalies.
  • Save a little space on your hard drive. Web page caching can take up tens of MB on your hard drive, so you may want to free up some storage space by deleting temporary files. This is one of the ways to clean your hard drive and save storage space on it.
  • The web page has been modified but you do not see these modifications: it will then be recommended to purge the cache of your device or at least reload the web page without using the cache.
  • This is particularly useful for web designers (developers, integrators, webmasters who need to see the modifications made to web pages).

How to clear the internet cache on google chrome ?

  • Click on the menu icon located to the right of the address bar.
  • Click on Settings
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Advanced …
  • In the Privacy and security section, click on the button Clear browsing data
    Clear cache in Google Chrome browser
  • Select the time range and check options you want then press the Clear data buttonClear browsing data

It is also possible to directly purge the Chrome cache directly by typing in the chrome address bar://settings/clearBrowserData

In some versions of Google Chrome, you had to go through the menu icon then Tools then Clear browsing data or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ⇧ + Del

How to clear the internet cache on Mozilla Firefox ?

For recent versions of Firefox, click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top right then Options.

On the left, in the Firefox menu, click on Privacy & security then Clear data in Cookies and site data.

Clear cache data on Mozilla Firefox

Select options you want and click on Clear button.


How to clear the internet cache on Internet explorer ?

For Internet Explorer, simply go through the menu by clicking on Tools then Internet Options.

In the General tab, click on the Delete … button (Browsing history section) and at least check the box Internet files and temporary website files.

Note that in Internet Explorer 10, it is even easier by clicking on the Tools menu item then directly on Delete browsing history … or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ⇧ + Del

Clear cache on Internet explorer

How to clear the internet cache on Safari browser ?

Click in the menu on Safari then on Clear cache … and press the Clear button in the confirmation window.

For Safari Windows version

In the top menu, click on Edit then on Clear cache … and press the Clear button in the confirmation window.

It is also possible to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + E

How to clear the internet cache on Opera browser ?

Click on the Opera button in the upper left then on Settings.

Select in the left menu Privacy & security then press the button Clear browsing data … at the top of the page.

Clear browser cache in Opera


Select the beginning of time from the select option, then check Cached images and files and Cookies and others site data, finally click on Clear browsing data button.

How to clear the internet cache on Microsoft Edge ?

  • Click on the 3 small dots at the top right that open the menu, then on Settings.
  • Click on the button Choose what to clear (section Clear browsing data)
  • Check at least the Cached files and data box
  • Click on the Delete button

How to clear the internet cache on Android ?

To do this, go to Settings then Storage.

Just click on Cached data in the list and press OK in the confirmation window (Clear cached data).

How to clear the internet cache on IOS (iPhone and iPad) ?

Go to the Settings of your iPad or iPhone

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