Top 5 Best Online Learning platforms

How to intelligently choose an online learning platform? The answer to this question requires the consideration of many criteria and parameters. To find the solution that suits you perfectly, nothing should be left to chance. Without delay, we invite you to discover our top 5 learning platforms on the market!

1. Podia


Podia allows you to easily sell online courses and at the same time increase your income by giving you the necessary tools for promotion. This platform offers a very attractive price/quality ratio compared to other solutions on the market.

An intuitive interface: Podia promises excellent ergonomics. Moreover, it is a perfect solution for beginners. No technical knowledge is required to use it and take advantage of its many features. In addition, the design is elegant, allowing you to work comfortably. The same goes for design elements. In short, everything is simple!

Full functionality: The biggest advantage with Podia is certainly its very well distributed functionality. Indeed, the latter are categorized according to the nature of the project. For example, it is possible to sell both online training, digital products or subscriptions and online downloads. As far as promotions are concerned, it is possible to use the integrated emailing functionality, the generation of coupons or affiliation.

The implementation of secure payments: Since it is an online training creation platform, Podia assures you the possibility of having different payment systems made. Whether by Stripe or PayPai, the transactions carried out are protected by an encryption process. The same is true for information about your students.

2. is the ideal platform for anyone looking for a high-performance solution at an affordable price. This relatively affordable price will allow you to benefit from some essential features for the success of your e-learning project.

Creating an audience: allows you to create forms quickly. This functionality saves you among other things from wasting your time in carrying out secondary tasks and concentrating on more important work. This platform also includes an integrated autoresponder. This will be useful for automatically sending your emails. The goal is to encourage your subscribers to become your best customers.

The creation of online training: is also programmed to help you easily create your online training. Once this is done, you can sell them on the Internet by putting it on a private site. To do this, this solution accompanies you throughout the process. Various steps are to be followed to ensure the sale of your training.

Advanced statistics: To help you better analyze the progress of your project, offers a statistics module. This will be useful for you to quickly know your monthly turnover. It will also allow you to determine, if necessary, the value per contact and per customer, essential to improve your service. All this is represented via an intuitive dashboard.

3. LearnyBox


LearnyBox is an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-in-one online training platform. This is an ideal solution for training and sharing with ease. To do this, the latter includes various features, some of which are listed below.

Teaching methods: Using LearnyBox will allow you to choose the training modules that interest you. With each change, your learners will receive an email to inform them of the creation of a new page. At the same time, the latter will also be able to establish their own programs, among other things concerning the reception of lessons.

Customization of courses: To better monitor the level of each student, LearnyBox offers a module for personalizing training courses. If you therefore plan to create several levels, it is quite possible for you to classify them according to your needs. This will allow you to better manage the performance of your students and do better monitoring. The goal is to optimize the quality of online learning.

Community animation: To encourage learners to be more diligent, this platform offers you various fun programs to choose from. In particular, you can create quizzes or conduct surveys to analyze student needs. LearnyBox also helps you quickly complete an assessment. Regarding the latter in particular, it can be done in several forms, namely a self-assessment and via a coach.

4. Thinkific


Thinkific is an essential platform for online courses. Here you can create, manage and sell online courses. The idea is to implement effective marketing to better promote learning.

Teamwork: With Thinkific, you have the option of working alone or in a team. The platform is thus a godsend for building a professional career in the creation of training.

An income generator: Trainers and teachers can provide learners with various online training courses. Tutors can create websites containing content in various formats. These creations can be converted into cash, generating a fixed income for tutors and training managers.

Generalized management: All features are managed from the same site. Learners can thus access broadcasts directly on the site. The platform sets up an efficient administration allowing tutors and learners to manage their own spaces.



Teachable is the ultimate solution for delivering professional-grade online learning. Its purpose is to help you focus on the essential tasks. That is to say, create interesting online courses through a user-friendly interface.

The creation of online courses: Teachable helps course creators to grow and feed their audience with content. First, the platform offers various options to customize the look and feel of your course. Build a website that reflects your brand, create sales pages to launch your course, and if you’re a tech savvy, use the Power Editor to tinker with the code.

Monetization possibilities: The tool offers great flexibility with regard to the pricing of your course. It is possible to offer lessons alone or in packages. You can choose between one-time payments, an installment payment plan, or a subscription. When you’re ready to start your training, you can create discount codes.

The sale of training: To increase your turnover, several possibilities are offered by the platform. For example, you can easily set up an affiliate program for your affiliates to get a percentage of the sales of the course. Also, Teachable’s native email marketing tool lets you filter and message subscribers on your list.

How to choose your online training platform ?

LMS platforms are effective solutions for delivering online training to learners. With the interest in e-learning however, choosing the best LMS platform is often problematic. Key points to consider in order to find an LMS adapted to your needs:

  • Your educational expectations: Focusing on an LMS adapted to its educational plan is important. The goal is thus to set up effective learning. With this in mind, certain needs are to be determined by asking yourself the right questions. Are you considering group or individual lessons? What tools are essential? What types of interactions are to be preferred?, etc. ;
  • The proposed ergonomics: The choice of the platform is also made according to the visual. Design and simplicity play an important role in learning. Some LMSs do not allow you to customize the interface. You will not be able to impose your image in this way. And in the possibility of customization, how much will the price be set? An important point also: a mobile-friendly interface for learners who use smartphones more. It is also important for those who are often on the move;
  • Prices: knowing the pricing and their variation is important. Do you plan to use a free or paid LMS? Do the prices match your purse? If you sell your courses, will the pricing applied by the LMS increase your income? ;
  • Adaptation to long-term changes: Ask yourself the question about the characteristics of the LMS. Can they adapt to the constraints of developments? In 5 years, will it be able to accommodate more learners? Will it be able to adapt to technical developments? ;
  • Deployment: there are LMSs that do not cover certain countries. Focusing on volume and deployment is essential. Determine the target populations and countries. Then categorize their level in order to have the possibility of associating the LMS with other essential tools;
  • Know the limits of the platform: We often stop at the advantages offered by a Learning Management System. For optimal profitability, however, also focus on the limits of the LMS. Some platforms are very technically limited. Others simply cannot incorporate essential features when learning.
  • Support: It is important to determine if the MLS has support that can help you if needed.

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  1. A good list, As a training manager I use an iSpring Learn LMS learning platform and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get started in eLearning easily and quickly. In this system, simplicity goes with great functionality: deployment of LMS, loading of content, management of users and groups, customization of your company’s training portal and training monitoring. Thanks to the latest product update, I can even create courses directly in iSpring, assign courses to users automatically, and host webinars via Zoom.

  2. Thank you for this super interesting article.
    My opinion: learnybox is the IDEAL tool to create, sell and animate training on the Internet.

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