How to merge two videos ?

To merge videos, this article will give you a convenient and free way to do it.

Videoproc, a professional video editing software

VideoProc is developed by the company Digiarty Software which is specialized in the editing of video software since 2006. It’s is a powerful video editing software for Windows whose reputation is notably due to its speed of processing resulting from the use of the power of your computer’s hardware. Transcoding and video processing can thus be up to 47 times faster without forgetting to optimize the size and quality of the video. These functions are particularly effective for processing 4K videos or HD videos. Whether produced by a digital camera, an Android smartphone, an iPhone or even a GoPro camera.

It also includes all the tools that allow you to improve your videos, cut a video, add a watermark to your montages, crop or shoot a video, stabilize or crop your videos in order to make modern films, whether you are a professional, an experienced amateur or a beginner. In addition, VideoProc also has many additional tools related to image and video processing. Or a useful screen recording utility for recording presentations, Skype conversations, or video games on Twitch.

The different versions of VideoProc

VideoProc is paid software like the vast majority of video editing software, but you have a free trial version that will allow you to thoroughly test the software before possibly adopting and purchasing it. Download the free version of VideoProc and test for yourself the power and simplicity of the software!

Note that there are very regular promotions for the software. Sold for around $42.95 for a lifetime license. There are other options to fully use the software such as a one-year license for a PC or a lifetime license for 2 to 5 computers ($ 57.95 currently for this family license).

Tutorial: How to easily merge two videos

Now, after this brief presentation of the VideoProc video software, I now propose to you to learn how to merge videos to make them only one in just a few steps!

To start, you will of course need to download VideoProc from its website

( and then install it on your Windows or Mac PC before following the procedure below:

  1. Open VideoProc then click on Video on the home screen.
    Drag and drop your videos to the main workspace or click the Add Video button at the top.
    You should now have your videos and their features present in the software as in the image below.
  2. Then choose the output format of your video at the bottom of the software from more than 400 video formats (4K, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, 3GP etc…) as well as the folder (on the right in the software) where the video will be created.
  3. Check the Merge checkbox to merge your videos.
  4. Click on the big RUN button at the bottom right of the software to combine the two videos into one.

You just have to wait while videoProc takes care of processing the video!

Because sometimes it is better to have images than simple text, here is a video tutorial showing you how to assemble videos using VideoProc.

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