How to install a WordPress theme ?

Once you’ve create your WordPress website and spent hours researching your ideal WordPress theme, the next step is to install your theme.

While this is usually fixed fairly quickly by the most seasoned WordPress users, it is not that simple when it is done for the first time.

This article is therefore intended to show you how to install a WordPress theme step by step (whether for a first implementation or a change of theme).

If you are installing your theme for the first time or changing it, you must have your WordPress theme (free or premium) in .zip format.

NB: If your WordPress theme comes from Themeforest, you must decompress the downloaded archive to keep only the theme archive.

Now that your theme archive is in your possession, you have two options:

Let’s explore these two methods individually.

Install your theme via WordPress administration

This is the easiest way to install your WordPress theme. Come on, I’ll show you everything in pictures. Follow the guide :

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to the Appearance> Themes menu.install-wordpress-theme-panel-administrator
  2. Click on the “Add New” buttonadd-new-theme-button
  3. Click on the “Upload Theme” buttonwordpress-upload-theme
  4. Go to the archive of your theme and click on “Install Nowwordpress-theme-install-now

Congratulations, your theme is installed.

Install your theme via FTP

Sending your theme directly to your hosting is the second method for installing a WordPress theme. For that, you have to go through an FTP software (remember, you had to use it to install WordPress).

For this tutorial we will use FileZilla software.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use FileZilla, all FTP software works pretty much the same, you should end up with the following steps:

  1. Unzip your theme archive
  2. Connect to your serverwordpress-theme-upload-filezella
  3. Go to the “wp-content/themes” folder of your WordPress installationwordpress-theme-upload-filezella-go-to-themes-directory
  4. Drag and drop your theme folder into the “themes” folder, Wait for the transfer to finish and your theme will be installed.
  5. Go to Appearance> Themes and activate the theme you just installed.



Next step now that you know how to install a theme: set up a child theme for your WordPress site to protect the modifications made to the theme and prevent them from being overwritten during a future update of your theme.

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