Top 5 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Do you want to add a contact form to your new WordPress website but do not know the right plugin to use? The WordPress store has more than 1,600 contact plugins, leaving WordPress site owners overwhelmed with too many options. In this guide, we have carefully selected the five best contact form plugins for WordPress.

Contact forms are a vital part of every website. They make communication with visitors and customers easy. You can also use them to collect vital information and streamline your site’s user experience. However, choosing the right contact form is as important as the contact form itself. Read on to see our selection of the most user-friendly and effective contact form plugins for WordPress.

The Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

1.    WPForms


WPForms is the number one contact form plugin for WordPress. If you are looking for the best user-friendly and efficient contact form for your WordPress site, this is the best plugin to use. The plugin is beginner-friendly despite having many sophisticated features. WPForms is designed to be both powerful and easy to use. It is tagged as the most user-friendly WordPress plugin because of its drag-and-drop feature.

More than 5 million WordPress websites use this plugin because of its ease of use and useful features. Thanks to its straightforward drag-and-drop form builder, you can use this tool to create powerful online forms with just a few clicks. Furthermore, this plugin has more than 300 contact form templates to help you build your desired forms in seconds. The templates are also customizable, so you can customize them to look exactly how you want.

Interestingly, all those amazing features are in the free version; the paid version has more offerings for you. The paid version will give you access to dozens of powerful features and add-ons to extend the tool’s functionality. Some of the offerings of the free version include email notifications, basic form fields, a thank-you page, and a captcha for spam protection.

The additional features in the paid version are payment forms, email subscription forms, multi-page forms, order forms, etc. You can see and access all your forms in your WP dashboard. The tool also allows you to set conditional notifications to always notify the right person in your team. Furthermore, WPForms has a form landing page feature to create distraction-free form pages. This plugin integrates with various payment platforms and email marketing tools like PayPal and Stripe.

Key Features

  • Contact forms
  • Payment forms
  • Survey forms
  • More than 300 templates
  • Newsletter and registration forms
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Responsive mobile-friendly design
  • Smart conditional logic
  • Instant notifications
  • Entry management
  • Spam protection
  • Multi-page forms
  • Email marketing and payment platform add-ons


  • Free Plan: WPForms has a free plan that offers many impressive features.
  • Basic: The Basic plan costs $39.50 per year, and it offers essential tools to build your online form.
  • Plus: This plan costs $99.50 per year; great for businesses that want to do more.
  • Pro: The Pro plan costs $199.50 per year; it offers all the tools you need to build a perfect form.
  • Elite: The Elite plan costs $299.50 per year; it is the premium solution for smart business owners.

2.    Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 made it to our list because of its exquisite interface and impressive features. This is one of the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress, but it boasts several incredible features and gets the job done. The tool delivers what most small businesses and blogs need – a reliable and stable basic contact form.

Interestingly, the tool is easy to use. The tool’s ease of use makes it ideal for first-time contact form users. One of the most amazing things about this plugin is that it is completely free; it does not have premium plans. You can download and use it on your WordPress site without paying a dime. Despite being free, this plugin comes with ample support. It comes with documentation, a support forum, FAQs, and an entire site with helpful information.

Contact Form 7 allows you to create an unlimited number of forms. You can also use different field types such as URL, date, text, and email. The tool also provides support for unique fields like file submission, CAPTCHA, acceptance, quizzes, dropdown menus, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

Furthermore, the plugin is secure and does not pose any security threat. It does not use cookies, track users by stealth, send data to external services, and write any user data to your database. You can also integrate the tool with Akismet to stop spam messages. Contact Form 7 works with several third-party extensions to increase its functionality. However, you would have to search for those add-ons, as they are not in a central directory.

Key Features

  • Allows you to build unlimited forms on unlimited websites
  • Integrates with Akismet
  • Online resources to learn about the plugin
  • You can add the contact form on your post or page by using the shortcode
  • Sleek and minimal design


The plugin is completely free.

3.    Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is one of the best options for those looking for a plugin that delivers impressive results as claimed. This tool has a free and paid version. Formidable Forms has more than 200,000 active installs at the time of writing. People love this plugin because it helps them create beautiful and functional forms easily and quickly.

This tool offers several basic and advanced features to create lead generation forms, contact forms, email forms, polls and surveys, multi-page forms, and various types of forms. Formidable Forms’ free version boasts more functionality than other contact form plugins. However, you can only harness the full power of this plugin when you subscribe to the paid version.

This all-in-one form builder comes with powerful extensions to enable you to build complex forms. It also has a drag-and-drop interface for easy and seamless form development. Formidable Views is one of the advanced features of this tool; you can use it to filter, display, filter, and format user-submitted data on your site’s frontend.

The advanced feature allows you to design form-focused solutions such as job board listings, management systems, directories, rating systems, event calendars, etc. This also has an advanced calculation field that you can use to build robust order forms and smart calculators such as car payment calculators, mortgage calculators, quote request calculators, etc.

Furthermore, this plugin integrates with the most popular payment providers and email marketing platforms. You can build product forms with this tool, as it integrates with WooCommerce. With Formidable Forms, you can do more than just create forms and collect data. You can turn this tool into data-driven, powerful applications.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Visual styler
  • Tons of forms templates
  • One-click add-on installation
  • Integrates with email marketing and payment platforms
  • Calculator forms
  • Directory and listing views
  • Survey, contact, payment, and registration forms


  • Free plan with basic features
  • Basic: This plan costs $39.50 per year.
  • Plus: The Plus plan costs $99.50 per year.
  • Business: This plan costs $199.50 per year.
  • Elite: The Elite plan costs $299.50 per year.

4.    Gravity Forms

Gravity forms - Wordpress plugin

Gravity Forms is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. It is one of the most popular paid contact form plugins. The starting price for his tool is $59, and it delivers impressive results. You can use it to build highly attractive and functional web contact forms.

One of the core features of this tool is the multi-page form feature. With this feature, you can create forms with multiple pages, providing your customers with extensive forms. This tool also allows you to limit your form entries. For instance, if you are running a contest and want only 100 entries, you can set that specific limit.

Furthermore, Gravity Forms has various standard fields for posting items like paragraph fields, radio buttons, and dropdown boxes. Advanced fields collect data such as street addresses, websites, and file uploads. The plugin also allows you to create schedule forms so that people can set up appointments.

With the visual form editor of this tool, you can quickly design and build any form on your WordPress site. All you have to do is configure your options, select your fields, and embed the form in your website.

Key Features

  • Visual form editor
  • Online payment collection
  • Workflow automation
  • Secure data collection
  • Conditional logic
  • File uploads
  • Create multi-page forms
  • Integrate with third-party apps


  • Basic plan – $59.00 per year.
  • Pro plan – $159.00 per year.
  • Elite plan – $259.00 per year.

5.    Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

With over 30 million downloads, Ninja Forms is one of the most renowned and reliable contact form plugins for WordPress. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder feature that makes it easy to use. The tool allows you to build complete and simple online forms with ease.

It also comes with hundreds of action hooks and functions to enable you to build custom functionalities (this option is mainly for developers). Ninja Forms allows you to use many forms, submissions, emails, and fields. You can use the template function, widget, or shortcode to add the created forms to your website. In addition, Ninja Forms has detailed documentation for the plugin and its extensions. They also provide remarkable technical support, ensuring you do not encounter any difficulty using the tool.

You do not need any coding skills to use this tool. You can design and create complex, beautiful forms like a professional web developer. Ninja Forms also allows you to accept credit card and PayPal payments from forms. The plugin also integrates with all the top email marketing tools.

Key Features

  • 100 percent beginner-friendly
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Integrates with many third-party apps
  • A wide variety of add-ons
  • Detailed documentation
  • Create an unlimited number of fields, forms, submissions, and emails
  • File uploads
  • Accept payments and donations
  • Lead generation and signup forms


  • Free plan
  • Basic – $49.00 per year
  • Plus – $99.00 per year
  • Pro – $199.00 per year

Things to Consider When Looking for a Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Here are some vital things you need to consider when looking for the right contact form plugin for your WordPress website:

  • Ease of Use: Complex tools are a waste of money and time. No one wants to spend their money on a tool they cannot use. Hence, opt for a plugin with an intuitive user interface. The simpler the tool, the easier you can create contact and web forms. All the contact form plugins reviewed in this guide have user-friendly interfaces and designs, making them easy to use.
  • Features: The best WordPress content form plugins allow you to create various online forms, including contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, registration forms, etc. Before choosing a platform, ensure it supports the type of form you want to create. Also, consider some features you might need in the future and ensure the platform has them.
  • Responsiveness: Remember, most forms you will create will be accessed via mobile device. Hence, you want to choose a plugin that allows you to create mobile-friendly forms. Furthermore, your forms need to work on all devices; else, you will lose a lot of traffic. Fortunately, the contact forms on this guide allow you to create responsive and mobile-friendly forms.
  • Documentation: Regardless of a tool’s ease of use, you still need to know a few things about it before you can use it. The plugins often provide well-detailed documentation to teach and explain the different features and aspects of the plugin.
  • Support: Always opt for plugins created by a team or company with an excellent reputation. You also want to ensure the company provides excellent technical support and customer service.


A contact form is an essential tool for websites. It helps you collect vital information and stay in touch with your customers. Furthermore, the contact form helps to show that your business is legit. A beautifully designed and highly functional form can help boost your sales and conversions. Hence, you need the best contact form plugin for the job. Thankfully, we are here to ensure you make the right choice. You can pick any contact form plugins reviewed in this guide that best suits your budget and needs.

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