How To Recover Deleted files On Mac

We have already presented for you the Recuva program to recover deleted images in Windows, however this program does not work on MacOS. Fortunately, there are alternatives for Mac, such as Wondershare Data Recovery.


Wondershare Data Recovery allows you to find lost files (photos, flyers, documents etc.), both on a Mac and on an external medium (e.g. a USB stick, memory card or external hard drive). How to proceed ?

How To Recover Deleted Photos, images, videos or any file kind On Mac

  1. Download the program by this link. Click Download and install it.
  2. Open it on your Mac. Select Lost file Recovery.
  3. In the next screen, select the location (a disk on your computer, a USB key, etc.) where you want to search for the photos or any file kind, then click on Scan. The program begins to search for lost files.
  4. A list of files is displayed. Recover the desired file by checking it and then click on Recover. Choose the location on your Mac where you want to keep this file.
  5. If you have not found the lost file, you can perform a deep scan. To do this, click at the bottom of the page on Deep Scan. It takes a little longer.
    Then recover the files found, as explained in the previous step

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