How to convert a video to MP4 format ?

Movavi Video Converter is a tool that will, as the name suggests, convert videos to many possible formats. The tools proposes to convert films and videos to many devices such as iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7 on Android, TV LG 4K UltraHD and even to video game consoles like Sony PS4 or PSP .

Movavi software automatically chooses the best image codec, supported resolution, frame rate and the most suitable audio codec for the destination device.

Find out how to convert video to MP4 using Movavi video converter. It doesn’t matter what you want to convert: an AVI file to MP4, WMV to MP4, 3GP to MP4, or any other video format to MP4. This wonderful software is exactly what you need!

Download Movavi Video Converter according to you operating system :

A trial period of 7 days allows you to familiarize yourself with the product but you will then have to buy a license in standard version ($ 29.95) or Premium ($ 39.95, recommended because more complete).

Steps to convert video to MP4 format

Install the MP4 video converter

Download Movavi Video Converter from links given above. Once the download is complete, launch the installation file and follow the on-screen guide instructions.

Open the MP4 converter and select a video

Start Movavi Video Converter. Click the Add Media button and select Add Video to import your video into the program.


Select Output settings to convert video to MP4

Open the Video tab at the bottom of the program window. The available formats are displayed on the bar. Click on the MP4 group and choose one of the MP4 settings.


You can either choose the format directly (they are classified by categories which makes it easy to navigate):

You will have many format to convert to : DVD, HD video, QuickTime, AVCHD, mp4, Flash, avi, mov, flv, mpeg, 3gp, wmv, 3gpp, mkv, m4v, vro, vob, dat, mpg, mod, etc.

Or rather practical, you can choose the destination platform (and the software determines the format).

Then define some advanced parameters if you want to go further (if you want for example the quality, the number of images per second, …).

When your choices are made, just select the source and click on convert.


Transfer video to a mobile device

Now when you have used the MP4 converter to convert your video to MP4; whether it’s AVI to MP4, WMV to MP4 or any type of video to MP4, it’s time to minimize the program window or close the MP4 software and transfer your new video file to your mobile device (phone, tablet , portable console…). Turn on your device and connect it to the computer. Start the transfer service for your device which will give you instructions for the transfer process. Note: the transfer may take more or less time depending on the size of your video files.

How to cut video using VLC media player

And that’s all. Now you know how to use our MPEG4 converter, whether to convert AVI to MP4, FLV to MP4, 3GP to MP4 or any type of video to MP4 format!

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