Best 5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript

Why Javascript is a language suitable for today’s developers ? Discover 5 good reasons to learn JS programming to create modern and efficient applications.

Why learn Javascript and not another language ? Here are 5 reasons among others that can help you decide to take the decision.

5 good reasons to focus your skills on Javascript

The ecosystem

There are many things to learn when you make an application, you have to understand each concept, practice and memorize. You can do this alone but it is always more pleasant to cross the desert with others.

In a word, the JS ecosystem is RICH.

Seriously, you will find everything and anything, good and bad. So remember to sort and select the proven tools first. Do not hesitate to look at the number of “stars” on Github or ask someone more experienced.

Javascript is also supported by the web giants, who create numerous “Open Source” code libraries. For example Facebook powers the very famous framework for creating ReactJS user interfaces), AirBnB and Netflix are also users of this technology.

Finally, the package manager of NodeJS : NPM contains everything you need to meet all of your needs. You will find there libraries that answer problems that have probably already been solved by other developers.

Application and use cases

Due to JS today you can really pretend to be a “Full Stack” developer.

It is possible to start a project on any platform:

  • Mobile applications with React Native or Cordova.
  • Powerful web applications with ReactJS, VueJS or Angular.
  • With NodeJS you can create small scripts to run on your machines or a real application server capable of processing requests in the case of a web API for example.
  • Finally with Electron you can create office applications, the famous IDE VsCode developed by Microsoft uses this technology.

The work market

It’s a strong trend and it continues in 2020, the developer job market is on the rise. However, if you look closely at this market, you will notice that the recruitment profiles focus on tools and technologies in particular. Recruiters looking for specialized profiles.

Specialize today in a technological field like javascript is a solid option.

Indeed, it is a judicious choice because part of the market, in particular the startups are in search of many profiles of developer mastering tools based on JS.

Javascript is the language that runs the entire web

Present in particular in all desktop and mobile web browsers, there is no longer any web page that does not use this technology to boost its content.

Besides the fact that you can develop on the server side and on the client side – which is already a nice advantage – you can also understand how it works and put in place many tools present on the web market.

For example Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel are proprietary libraries aimed at installing a small piece of code on your application so that you can analyze traffic and target your audience more effectively.

Technology with a bright future

Despite its creation and use for over 20 years to date, today’s JS, is a technology that has experienced a renaissance, constantly evolving and promoted to a bright future.

Due to its flexibility, you will be able to create applications that meet very basic uses or very large information systems worthy of web giants. And this, on the majority of platforms already supported but also on new platforms that appear little by little in our lives such as the Internet Of Things (IOT) or Virtual Reality (VR).

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